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Drupal Tailored CMS Web Development February 11, 2021

Signature Homes Residential Leasing (Web Development)

With ample experience in luxury home leasing and one of the city’s best residential property portfolio in prime areas, Signature Homes Residential Leasing by Sun Hung Kai Properties (‘SHKP’) strives to serve our tenants from our heart with attentive services, to offer an exceptional living experience that caters to our tenants’ every need.


One of the aims of this revamp is to reduce the workload for our client and bring fluent experience to the end customers. Yiu Shap’s web development team has improved the user flow for Search and District Directory in both Mobile and Website. Now customers can sort out properties or homes by location or price with just one click. Thanks to Yiu Shap Technical Team, a highly flexible and stable Content Management System (CMS) is developed for Signature Homes Admin to access and edit all images and text. For any Availability or Company information, they have full control over the contents with easy steps.


We would like to express our thankfulness for the trust of our client, and we are glad to take part in this great project to build an amazing Website with our client. It is truly a VIP example of how Yiu Shap Team brings out the best of our expertise!


Yiu Shap helps customers fully benefit from the opportunities provided by data-driven solutions. We provide our extensive knowledge of data-driven business models and develop scientifically tested tools and methods for data analytics and information management. We also apply domain knowledge for improved decision support in various industries.






Fontend Development, Website Development

  • Strategy

    CMS Structure Desgin, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Development, Animation Direction

  • Client

    Signature Homes Residential Leasing

  • Web Platform

    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explore 11

  • Tailored CMS

    Drupal, APIs

  • Programming


Open Project

Web Development with Tailored Drupal CMS, Fontend Development, Website Development, CMS Structure Desgin, UX Strategy


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